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Our technicians do more than remove just the one virus that is giving you problems when you bring your computer in for service. Our $40 repair removes all viruses, rootkits, adware, and any other malicious software. 
We also specialize in hardware and screen replacement. Our technicians have done hundreds upon hundreds of micro usb port repairs which in the soldering world is about as difficult of a repair there is, therefore you can be confident that your hardware repairs are in good hands.

How can we provide such awesome service for $40?

I know it sounds hard to believe, however, we are good at what we do and have spent many years 'quantifying' our service. The founder Alexander Ritz has managed and partnered with 2 other computer repair businesses and was an intricate part in their development and service protocols. Taking the good and removing the bad processes equals a quality service at a nominal fee for you!
Call: 585.991.8086
Give us a call and let us know the trouble that you are having and the service you would like performed. We can give you an estimate on parts as well as the approximate turn around time. Then you can drop off to us at an agreeable scheduled time.

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We have a top notch shipping service and are highly experienced with receiving, packaging and shipping repairs. 

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